The Parent Teacher Association is a non governmental organisation of parents of all students of the college and teaching faculty. It is a very active organisation working in the college to provide a common forum for interaction of perents and teachers so as to improve facilities for academic excellence. It also provides special and essential services to the students and staff.

List of Executive Members P.T.A.

Name Phone
Dr.N.C.Santhakumari 9847024197
Sri.Edappally Basheer 9847480190
Sri.P.A.Prabhakaran 9447511330
Smt.Latha Vijayan 9447621909
Sri.Paulose Chattukulam 9495129103
Sri.O.S.Jayaprakash 9447396434
Dr.A.G.Valyomana 9446608261
Dr.S.Krishnakumar 9447107605
Dr.N.V.Eldhose 9447180151
Smt.Suma Paulose 9495933658
Smt.Swapna M 9249401491