The history of this institution can be traced back to the origin of it’s parent-Mahatma Gandhi University. A university that takes it’s name after the father of our nation, works to foster the principles of the great man in building the next generation. Mahatma Gandhi university was established in 1983 and inaugurated by the president of India on October 2nd.It was the first university in state to embark on the self supporting courses in a big way.

School of Technology and Applied Sciences (STAS) is a self financing Department directly runĀ  by Mahatma Gandhi University. There are three Regional Centres and one Engineering College under STAS. There is a Director for STAS. The three regional centres are managed by Regional Directors. A sub committee of the syndicate with a syndicate member as convener is there for handling matters related to self financing institutions. There are three sections under a Deputy Registrar exclusively for dealing the matters of self financing institutions of the University.

School of technology and applied sciences, Edappally was established in the 90’s.It is a pioneer in technical education. The college provides the education needed to mould young students in the field of computers and electronics. The college is a community of teachers and students bound together in partnership in the pursuit of knowledge .The institution prepares students for the challenges ahead with a sense of dignity of labour.